India rory and chris

It all began with a question.

Our journeys led us to create BlueMonday, a means to express ourselves, our environments and our everyday experiences. We needed a space, somewhere we could leave our mark…

Nothing in life is a straightforward path from A to Z without hitting every other letter on the way.

The world is now based on instant information. Our belief is that our films will deliver more than just information to our audiences, they will deliver understanding, respect and beauty.

We make our films with the viewers in mind and try to understand what will work for them, even if they are unsure themselves.

Talk is cheap

We live through our work. Our fondest memories are cemented by the fact that we’re rarely without a camera in our hands.

We’ve always felt our story will be written, as we strive to tell the stories of others.

Filmmaking has allowed us to do things we never could have imagined. From flying across Kenya in a small plane dodging thunderbolts, to working with a local hospice or listening to love stories told by an elderly couple. Constant reminders that life is for living.

Our work is about making sure we do the best with the opportunities we are given, so we can be certain that the flame that started us on this journey is never extinguished.


Some of our believers